17 new Intel 8th-G Core Coffee Lake-S processor now available on sale

A complete list of the new Intel Coffee Lake-S processors has appeared on Amazon, and the guys from VideoCardz have collected it, where we can see the name of each CPU, its specifications, and the TDP.

17 new Intel Coffee Lake-S processor now available on sale

In total we have a 17 new Intel Coffee Lake-S processors divided into different versions; Core standard, Low power core (T series), Pentium and Celeron. If you look for example in the Core i7 8700T, we have a chip that maintains the six cores and twelve threads of the Core i7 8700 standard but reduces the working frequencies to 2.4 GHz-4 GHz, normal mode and turbo. In return, your TDP goes down from 65 watts to 35 watts.

17 new Intel Coffee Lake-S processor now available on sale

The information has been completed with data that has appeared on the official website of ASUS, although there is still information related to the turbo speeds of many of these new processors.

The working frequencies of Intel processors are adjusted dynamically to offer a good consumption-performance ratio. In situations of low workload they operate at a minimum, and when some demanding application is executed, they are raised to improve performance.

However, it must be taken into account that an Intel CPU can work at different frequencies depending on the active cores, and that when the maximum turbo mode is indicated, it usually refers to the speed that can be achieved with a single active core.

For those who want to set up an affordable PC for games, the Pentium G5400 is emerging as one of the best options in the new Intel catalog.

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