A short review of Lenovo Yoga 720-13: Decide easily now

Ultrabook-transformers series Lenovo Yoga is a quite a pick. And here we are to discuss about a compact unit from the series called Lenovo Yoga 720-13.

A short review of Lenovo Yoga 720-13: Decide easily now

If we talk about the pros of Lenovo Yoga 720-13, then please note that it is very pleasant but, strict design; with a stylus in the kit it is overall impressive.

The display performance is good enough, and high-quality touch screen makes it even more attractive. With sufficient performance of stuffed hardware, it is yes indeed a perfect pick that also gets good marks in build quality and rigidity

For the cons, Lenovo Yoga 720-13 suffers discussion points. A small number of interface connectors and trotting under heavy load, that we don’t like.

Yes, Lenovo Yoga 720-13 is a more compact model: good equipment, quality screen, stylus in the kit (with the correction, except for the missing discrete video card and higher battery life). Despite the smaller size and weight, as a portable tablet, this ultrabook is still felt heavy and too cumbersome, so the main way to use it will still be a laptop version.

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