Apple iPad Pro 2018 may release in June 2018

Although, Android and iOS tablets have been falling in popularity and sales for some time. However, Apple is, at least in appearance, the brand that is best enduring the trend, thanks to the iPad Pro.

Apple iPad Pro 2018 may release in June 2018

According to Jun Zhang, Rosenblatt analyst, Apple would be preparing to launch a renewed version of the iPad Pro at the end of the second quarter, which would have a thinner bezel, no start button and would include Face ID. The company would be manufacturing a total of between 16 and 18 million iPads this year, of which between 6 and 8 million would be iPad Pro 2018 that could be implemented with 3D detection functionality.

Another point that suggests the launch of an upgraded version of the iPad Pro 2018 is that there has been a mention in the code of the first beta of iOS 11.3, and it tracks that point in that direction, in addition to the possible inclusion of the system of Apple’s TrueDepth camera. On other features of the device, everything points to continue to use LCD screen and not bet on the OLED technology included in the iPhone X. This could be due to economic and technical limitations of Samsung to manufacture OLED panels as the iPad Pro would need to scale.

Other aspects pointed out by the analyst are that Apple could launch a smaller, more economical version of HomePod this year and that iPhone X sales are below expectations, something that Michael Olson says is due to smartphones of the giant of Cupertino endure enough time running satisfactorily.

Although the tablet market has been languishing for some time, Apple has established itself as the leader in the sector, and it would not be surprising if it were interested in maintaining that position, which would give reasons to renew the iPad Pro. So, by all possibilities, you should witness the Apple iPad Pro 2018 by the end of June.

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