Everything about Intel Optane SSD 8 revealed

Intel has a master plan to do away with local storage solutions that are now included in all personal computers, whether hard disks, solid state drives or other flash storage solutions.

The ultimate goal of Intel would be to connect computers directly to the cloud. The concept is already used in PCs when we use a special file folder connected to a cloud storage service such as Microsoft’s OneDrive and the “on demand” function.

Everything about Intel Optane SSD 8 revealed

Intel would go further, replacing any equipment storage unit and connecting it to the cloud under the new generation of 5G broadband networks. Intel says that under this system you would get an approximate performance offered by a current hard drive connected to the SATA interface. The new system will be called as Intel Optane SSD 8 powered with 3D X technology.

To increase that performance, Intel proposes to use Optane, a solution based on 3D X Point memory technology, developed from scratch by Intel and Micron, which acts as a fast cache unit between storage and memory. If until now the units that have been commercialized intend to accelerate the performance of the hard disks, taking advantage of the capacity of this and the performance of a solid state unit, in the future they would act without any installed local storage solution.

“There is still a long way to go to achieve it, but from the technological point of view the future is traced,” say Intel technicians. Intel Optane will not stay there because the end of the year will commercialize a DRAM-DIMM format. That is, Optane could eventually replace local storage and also RAM in a single solution.

Everything about Intel Optane SSD 8 revealed

Intel prepares the Optane DIMM, persistent RAM. The other concept of the equation, 5G, will be commercially available in 2020, giving solution to the explosion of demand for communications, services and mobile applications that are expected. According to Intel, it would also be key to end local storage on PCs. Quiet, update your computer with SSDs, there are still many years for Intel’s proposal to be massive.

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