Get Xbox One X for $349

The rumors of the general price reduction of Xbox One X for the Los Angeles fair are confirmed after two major US retailers have listed the console at a much lower price than the official one.

Get Xbox One X for $349

Xbox One X is now listed at $ 349, this is the lowest price for the console since its launch. The console is not yet available to buy at this price, but they are included in 2 ads from 2 independent companies, which provides a strong indication of a price drop.

Microsoft is expected to confirm it very soon at its scheduled conference for the entertainment fair, although we still do not know if it is a scheduled reduction or a general price cut to compete better with the PS4.

A good opportunity to target the most powerful video game console in history. You know it well, highlighting its ability to run native games with 4K resolution (60 fps) and the ability to run classic Xbox and 360 games in compatibility mode and also all the games available for Xbox One, some optimized to some degree for the new console labeled “Xbox One X Enhanced.”

It has an 8-core x86 CPU at 2.3 GHz and 4 Mbytes of second-level cache and a GPU with 40 units of computation at 1172 MHz and 12 Gbytes of dedicated GDDR5 memory, for a memory bandwidth of 326 GB / s and a performance of 6 TFLOPS. It supports AMD’s FreeSync synchronization technology, and its storage unit is a standard 2.5-inch hard drive with 1 Tbyte of capacity. Among its connectivity, we found Ethernet Gigabit, Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth, 2 HDMI ports (1 HDMI 1.4b in, 1 HDMI 2.0b out), three USB 3.0 ports, IR Out and S / PDIF.

It supports high dynamic range HDR and Dolby Atmos audio technologies to enable 7.1 spatial sound and HRTF, a new audio format that Microsoft has developed for Hololens, optimized for VR. A Blu-Ray optical drive with support for BD-4K puts the icing on the best hardware that can be found in a console.

If you are interested, wait a bit because soon we must have official news. The reduction would be substantial from the official 499 dollars of the launch. The console is sold in the US for $ 399. And, soon $50 price reduction will make a difference in the sales of the device.

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