Huawei Kirin 710 will directly compete with Snapdragon 710

The Snapdragon 710 has become one of the most interesting SoCs within what we can consider medium-high range. We hope it enjoys a good reception among the main sellers of smartphones, although Huawei will bet to continue using its own solutions; the Kirin 710, and it will be its response to the new Qualcomm chip.

Huawei Kirin 710 will directly compete with Snapdragon 710

In recent time, Huawei has almost completely stopped using SoCs from companies such as Qualcomm and MediaTek to set up their Kirin solutions, which are developed by HiSilicon and manufactured by TSMC.

So far the journey of self-made SoCs adventure has gone quite well, as solutions such as the Kirin 970 have shown that they have nothing to envy the top-end SoCo Qualcomm, and others have managed to innovate and set the path to follow thanks to the introduction of the NPU (unit of neural processing for artificial intelligence).

With the Huawei Kirin 710 we will see an evolution of the concept they introduced when launching the Kirin 970, since said SoC would be accompanied by a new generation neural processing unit, something that the Snapdragon 710 lacks. This means that the Huawei solution will be better prepared to work with artificial intelligence systems, and that its final performance could be much higher than the Qualcomm chip.

As regards the rest of the specifications (processor and GPU), we expect it to use an eight-core CPU divided into two blocks, one of high performance under the Cortex-A75 architecture and another of low consumption based on the Cortex-A55 architecture. We do not have details about the graphics unit, but everything points to a Mali-G72.

The official announcement of the Kirin 710 is expected for the month of July. Remember that this SoC will be used not only in Huawei’s new high-end smartphones but also in the Honor series, which is the second brand of the Chinese giant.

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