Intel revealed a concept transformer laptop with 5G Modem at MWC 2018

Earlier, there was news that Intel is developing a new XMM 8000 5G modems for laptops that will be installed in commercial laptop models from Microsoft, Dell, HP and Lenovo starting from the end of 2019. Despite a substantial time reserve before the release, Intel decided to demonstrate one of the first prototypes of the 5G laptop at the MWC 2018. And, yes it looks outstanding.


Intel revealed a concept transformer laptop with 5G Modem at MWC 2018

The concept laptop from Intel is a 2-in-1 transformer in the form of a tablet with a removable keyboard and two simply huge stands, which at first glance are used to hold the device in an upright position. However, in fact, this function is secondary, simply because the developers decided to take out not only the antennas but also the entire 5G-modem outside the notebook’s enclosure, in order to reduce the influence of its components on signal transmission.


As is known, one of the main problems in the transmission of data in the 5G-band are interference and interference of waves. To obtain ideal conditions, it is necessary to provide direct visibility without any obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver. That’s why the 5G-hotspot (28 GHz) was installed right in the center of the test stand, at a distance of about 1.5 meters from the laptop, which resulted in a transmission speed of 4-5 Gbit / s.


Intel revealed a concept transformer laptop with 5G Modem at MWC 2018

To demonstrate the capabilities of the 5G-laptop, 4K-video streaming was used, while the developers noted that in this mode the concept battery provides an operating time of about 3-4 hours. We should especially note that this Intel concept was created exclusively for testing purposes, and commercial devices will be guaranteed to receive more miniature antennas and modems built directly into the case.


In the mid-2019, you would witness many laptops with 5G modem technology available on the market shelves. Yes, 2019 will be interesting for the tech lovers.

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