iOS 13 will powerfully reinforce the fight against spam and annoying calls

With iOS 12, Apple has taken an important step forward against programmed obsolescence. Thanks to the performance improvements that this operating system will introduce it will be possible to give a second life to the phone as veteran as the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6, but the only smartphone will not be limited to an improvement in performance since it will also bring new functions and features. This new evolution has obviously hinted us for the future of Apple iOS 13.

iOS 13 will powerfully reinforce the fight against spam and annoying calls

During the presentation event of iOS 12, Apple plans to introduce in this new update of its known operating system the possibility that developers can create applications to deal with spam through text messages and also annoying (unwanted) calls. This measure is quite a success since it allows to fight against a practice that has become too frequent due to the lack of scruples of some companies, which take advantage of the publicity that have data as basic as the telephone number of a person to make sweeps in an attempt to sell products or services. So, considering the developments you can bet by the launch of iOS 13 there will a lot more clarity on the topic, and better fight against spam of messages and call.

In the present iOS 12, with the extension “unwanted communications” it will be possible to report the reception of messages and calls that can be considered as spam, and the user can also block the numbers from which they were sent.

Although it is true that in many parts of the globe, spam through calls and text messages is not a problem too serious (although equally annoying when it occurs) in other regions like India is totally chaotic. To give you an idea, an average citizen of that country can receive between five and ten calls of spam per day.

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