Lenovo Mirage camera: First VR camera from the brand for $300

At CES 2018, Lenovo unveiled the Lenovo Mirage camera, created in conjunction with Google, for creating videos with a viewing angle of 180°. And now the device has become available for pre-order in the online store Amazon at a price of $ 300. The appearance of the device in the catalog of a popular online store also allows you to find out the exact date of the beginning of the actual sales, i.e., on May 4.

Lenovo Mirage camera is a simple and compact camera which is equipped with two 13-megapixel image sensors. With it, you can record 4K video at 30 fps. The Lenovo Mirage camera supports the Google VR180 format for virtual reality applications, as well as providing live YouTube live streaming.

The content recorded from with the Lenovo Mirage camera can be viewed on both conventional screens and virtual reality headsets. The camera also includes a 2.2-inch touchscreen.

In addition to the camera, Lenovo also has a standalone VR Lenovo Mirage Solo with support for Google Worldsense, which will also be released in May.

Well, in past couple of year, a lot of new gadgets are released for VR specific niche. And, maybe the wearable gadgets the smartwatch could replace the smartphones, but looks like VR glasses can take over them.

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