Lenovo Watch 9 a smart-watch revealed with the price tag $20

Along with smartphones Lenovo S5, K5 and K5 Lite, Lenovo announced another device – its first hybrid smart watch called Lenovo Watch 9.

Lenovo Watch 9 a smart-watch revealed with the price tag $20

This is a classical watch without any screen, but with an electronic filing, responsible for the smart component of the device. Their main highlight is the sapphire protection of the dial. Recall that sapphire on the Mohs scale has a hardness of 9 (10 for a diamond). That is, it at times exceeds the tempered glass Gorilla Glass, widely used in smartphones and other smartwatches. What is even more interesting, the watch received a sapphire crystal at a price of only $ 20.

The case for Lenovo Watch 9 is made of metal, and the strap is made of silicone. Also, Lenovo Watch 9 watches are protected by water – they are able to withstand a pressure of 5 atm, which corresponds to the water pressure at a depth of about 50 m. That is, you can freely swim with it. The manufacturer’s claimed battery life is up to 12 months.

Lenovo Watch 9 a smart-watch revealed with the price tag $20

Although Lenovo Watch 9 does not have a display, the list of features of the device is quite wide. Using Bluetooth wireless connection, the device is interfaced with a compatible smartphone – it can be either an iPhone or a model with Android, after which the user can use the clock as a control panel for the smartphone’s camera. It is enough to shake the clock to take a photo. In addition, the clock can count the steps, distance traveled, burned calories, monitor sleep, and notify various events. They will also help you find a smartphone if it is lost.

Intelligent hybrid watches Lenovo Watch 9 are offered in black and white colors; their sales will start on March 23.

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