LG G7 Smartphone: The Display Information Surfaced

The South Korean company has not yet officially presented the LG G7, a smartphone that will be flagship from LG and that in principle it should be announced sometime in May or June.

LG G7 Smartphone- Display Information Surfaced

Although there is no information from official end, however, web sources have been producing different leaks that have not been limited to collect their possible specifications but have even shown on video the possible final appearance of the smartphone.

In principle, the idea of a full-screen finish and a notch at the top makes sense, especially since this format seems to have become the industry’s new standard, although it has not yet been confirmed by LG and could be the initial design that it was ruled out by the South Korean.

Among all the tangle of rumours and alleged leaks that have been gathering around this phone, we find an exciting prediction from several market analysts who say that the LG G7 will have an IPS panel, that is, it will not have an OLED panel.

The decision to use said panel instead of an OLED as they did with the LG V30 would have a simple but important justification; reduce the production costs of the phone, since IPS panels are much cheaper.

If this ends up confirming the next LG range, the top smartphone should be a little cheaper than their direct rivals equipped with OLED panels, and although this does not mean that it will work a miracle. Having said that the smartphone would be affordable, something normal since at the end of the day we are talking about a model that will compete with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

For a recap of specifications of the LG G7, the phone will feature an IPS MLCD + screen (35% less consumption) of 6 inches in 19: 9 format and with a resolution of 3,120 x 1,440 pixels. For the processor, there will be none other than SoC Snapdragon 845, and the phone will also feature 3GB of RAM.

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