LG G7 will feature an interesting display specification

The current flagship LG G6 as early as next month can be replaced with the new model. At first, there was no doubt that it would be called LG G7, but then with a light hand of the insiders began juggling with names.

LG G7 will feature an interesting display specification

But no matter what the new top-end smartphone will be called, it will be presented soon. On MWC 2018 LG didn’t show the upcoming flagship. However, a few are claiming who saw it, and there were those who could see it. Despite the fact that the show was held behind closed doors, one of the Israeli resources managed not only to get a photo of LG G7 (Neo), but also to shoot it on video. After a detailed analysis of the short film, experts at could notice one interesting feature.

The new flagship has an iPhone-like cutout and an extended display with a 19.5: 9 aspect ratio. But, it is very similar to the fact that the creators will allow users to choose – design refinement or hide it. With the help of software settings, you can shade the top part and make a visual smartphone in the style of the same LG G6.

If their conclusions are correct, then this feature of LG G7 can become almost a key to it. It is possible that this will be decided by the type of the second display, where on the tiny segment of the matrix, the necessary information (date, time, battery charge, broadcast notification, music control) will be displayed.

For a recap of the hardware configuration, LG G7 Neo will feature the Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB RAM, and 5.99 inches display with 2K resolution.

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