Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature reliable FaceID than iPhone X

Samsung is preparing its response to Apple on its Face ID. We think that no one doubted that after the iPhone X offered this feature, the South Korean giant will certainly try to create a real alternative to Face ID. And an Israeli startup Mantis Vision and the company Namuga are working with Samsung to make a real flagship smartphone feature. The latter will take delivery of the 3D camera module. By the way, this company is the supplier of modules for Samsung smartphones of Galaxy J and Galaxy A series, and also cameras of the augmented reality of Intel RealSense. And, secretly something surprising is planned for next upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature reliable FaceID than iPhone X

According to South Korean sources, the first face recognition function realized on the device level will be the Samsung Galaxy S10. There is also the assumption that this function will combine the scanner of the iris of the eye and the technology of 3D-scanning the face. It is unlikely that Samsung will follow the way of copying the iPhone to accommodate the sensors, which means that the indentation at the top will be preserved.

Predictably Samsung Galaxy S10 will also get display embedded fingerprint scanner, from the implementation of which it was said that Galaxy Note 9 would not feature such technology. Equipped with the flagship of a new processor, created by 7-nanometer technology, and will also offer support for 5G. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be one of the first 5G smartphones from Samsung.

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