Samsung PM883 SATA III SSD of 8TB storage revealed

The South Korean giant, Samsung has launched the Samsung PM883, an SSD with SATA III interface that offers an 8 TB storage capacity. Yes, it is an impressive figure and as you can imagine it is mainly aimed at the professional sector, although in reality it can be bought by any user who has enough money to pay for it.

Samsung PM883 SATA III SSD of 8TB storage revealed

We can not talk about prices yet because the Korean firm has not confirmed them, but we can intuit that the Samsung PM883 will cost several thousand dollars in its version of 8 TB, which will be complemented by another more “economical” 4TB. Both will offer the durability of 5,466 TB and 10,932 TB (maximum writing cycles before becoming a read-only unit).

Samsung has confirmed that both units use 64 GB of LPDDR4 memory as a cache to improve performance and that they are capable of reaching maximum speeds of 550 MB / s and 520 MB / s in sequential read and write. In random reading and writing, its values ​​are 98,000 IOPS and 28,000 IOPS.

For its next high-capacity models Samsung plans to raise the amount of LPDDR4 memory included to 256 GB, an impressive figure that will obviously raise the cost considerably.

These new high capacity SSDs use the V-NAND memory (of 3D type and therefore stacked vertically) of 64 layers. This type of memory stands out for offering greater energy efficiency and for facilitating an increase in total storage capacity in SSDs while maintaining reasonable costs.

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