Seagate SSD Game Drive for Xbox opening new aspects

If you are a user of Xbox One, you will have noticed that, despite its large storage, available from 500GB and up to 1TB, the size of today’s games makes it possible to fill the entire space with relative ease, having to erase and reinstall some titles from time to time.

Seagate SSD Game Drive for Xbox opening new aspects

However, one of the most attractive features presented by Microsoft consoles is the ability to add an external storage unit via USB and can attach any hard drive. That’s why the Seagate brand wanted to announce its new “Game Drive for Xbox,” which is, as its name suggests, an external SSD for the console, and which will also work with PC.

This external unit, Seagate SSD Game Drive for Xbox will be available in capacities of 2TB, 1TB, and 500GB, thus being able to triple the maximum storage of the Xbox One. And that is that Seagate Game Drive has official Xbox licenses, so it will also be fully compatible with Xbox Xbox One S and One X.

Also, it is a professional level flash SSD, which will offer faster loading performance, both to pass the files and to start the games. For its part, Seagate ensures that this external hard drive ” will be recognized instantly by the Xbox console, and will be installed in less than two minutes with USB 3.0 speeds, the games played from the unit will work as if they were being played from the internal hard drive of the console “.

Game Drive for Xbox SSD is also thought to have a small design for easy storage in a pocket, does not need a separate power cable, and can store more than 50 downloaded games, downloadable add-ons and achievements to continue gameplay in any Xbox console generation One. “

Unfortunately, the USB-C required to use this portable unit, a USB-C to USB-A cable, is not available today. From Seagate, they have wanted to calm their users, but at the moment we only know that they would arrive ” later this summer.”

Another thing that has hit us a lot is the high final price. The higher capacity model, 2TB, is expected to come under a price of 600 dollars, above the Xbox One X itself; while the variants of 1TB and 500GB will cost 300 and 150 dollars, respectively.

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