The first PS4 emulator Oribital revealed

DSOGaming has confirmed that AlexAltea is working on the first PS4 emulator, a project that is still at a very early stage but that marks a milestone in the history of emulation, as it marks the beginning of the road towards the execution of games of Sony’s new generation console on PC.

The first PS4 emulator Oribital revealed

The person in charge of the project has confirmed that this first PS4 emulator is following a certain roadmap and that we can consult it through this link that takes us to the GitHub repository, where we can also download an early version of it. Do not get carried away by emotion, as we anticipate that you are in an initial stage and is not yet able to run any game, so unless you have advanced programming knowledge and desire to work will not do you any good.

It is impossible to be clear when a version that is capable of executing games with greater or lesser fluidity will be available, but it seems that the project is progressing with considerable speed thanks to the approach taken by AlexAltea, since instead of proposing a full emulation X86- X64 is virtualizing the PS4 operating system.

Please note that console emulators always tend to have quite large hardware requirements compared to the technical specifications of it, especially at the CPU level, so it is very likely that if this first PS4 emulator comes to fruition end up needing a high-end PC at least to work in an acceptable way.

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