Xbox One X and One S information filtered

It seems that the next update for Xbox One will incorporate really interesting things. If you know, it was previously echoed the inclusion of support for resolution 1440p on Xbox One X and Xbox One S; now we have something more to tell you.

Xbox One X and One S information filtered

An added bonus for users of the latest Microsoft consoles is that they will support AMD’s Freesync technology. Incorporated in models of concrete screens, try to eliminate tearing and stuttering while playing, thus offering a more fluid experience. It also allows the compatible screen to be synchronized with the refresh rate of the console.

The Auto Low Latency Mode, which will be supported by some TVs throughout 2018, is a feature that will operate the low latency mode automatically when it detects the execution of a game. For its part, the browser, Microsoft Edge, will look more like the version included in Windows 10, allowing you to download and upload files directly from Xbox One or a connected device. This opens the door to establishing custom backgrounds for the console interface.

Xbox One X and One S information filtered

Moreover, mixer streamers on Xbox One can share their driver directly with visitors. Once shared, a PC visitor can help control the experience with a virtual controller on the screen or a physical one connected to the PC. At the moment this possibility can be tested from the Alpha ring of Xbox Insider.

According to Microsoft, all these possibilities would have to reach the users of Xbox One X and Xbox One S in spring, that is, not far away from now.

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