Xiaomi Mi11 smartphone to get 108 MP Camera and 10X optical zoom: Specs & Features

In 2020 and later, smartphones with 108-megapixel cameras and 10x optical zoom will appear on the market shelves. And, one of such kind smartphone will be Xiaomi Mi11. Earlier rumors were suggesting this 108 MP camera smartphone would be Xiaomi Mi10, however, such camera sensors wouldn’t be in production by the time of Xiaomi Mi10 launch.

Xiaomi Mi11 smartphone to get 108 MP Camera and 10X optical zoom: Specs & Features

Modern smartphones are powerful devices. Even low-end models are able to run demanding games (albeit at low graphics quality settings), and mid-level models, not to mention flagships that easily cope with any games and demanding applications. Therefore, to attract the attention of potential buyers, manufacturers are forced to pay attention to other aspects, such as design and cameras.

As for the design, we have already seen full-screen smartphones without cutouts in the display. In such devices, there are through-holes in the screen or slide-out camera modules are used. Also, manufacturers began to pay attention to folding devices. Recently, Sony also showed to the world, Sony’s upcoming folding smartphone.

As for cameras, in this segment, one should expect an increase in the number of megapixels in the sensors and more active use of systems with optical image magnification in lenses. Recently, Samsung announced the release of a 64-megapixel sensor for smartphone cameras, which we expect to appear in Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Note 10. Manufacturers of the smartphone will begin to actively use it over the coming weeks. The story doesn’t end here now camera sensor manufacturer is betting on a bigger number i.e. 108MP camera sensor for a smartphone.

Yes, you read it right, next year you will see on your smartphone: a 10x optical zoom camera and a 108MP resolution. According to rumors, next year smartphones will be equipped with cameras that have 108-megapixel sensor resolution and 10x optical zoom will begin to appear in the market. One such name of the smartphone that is coming in the picture is Xiaomi Mi11. And although this may sound unlikely, previous statements about the appearance of smartphones with 64-megapixel cameras in mid-2019 are indeed confirmed.

It is not yet specified which camera sensor manufacturer will bring such a sensor to the market. We can assume that it will again be Samsung, Sony or LG. It also does not specify which technology will be used in such a sensor. Modern 48MP and 64-megapixel sensors for smartphones use 4-in-1 technology when four neighboring pixels are combined into one large pixel to capture more light. If the same approach is applied in the new sensor, then it will be possible to get the final image with a resolution of 27 megapixels, which is also quite a lot.

As for the 10-fold increase, in this case, we are talking about the optical increase without loss of quality, and not a hybrid, which is now used by some manufacturers of smartphones. So much progress is also expected in this industry. Most likely, the details of the smartphone with a 108-megapixel camera and a 10-fold optical zoom, we would get more hints during the exhibition MWC 2020 in February next year, although, the leaks may appear before as well.

Talking about Xiaomi Mi11 smartphone, the release date of the phone is not yet confirmed and Xiaomi officials have also not commented on the same. The phone would be powered with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage.

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