Xiaomi Mi7 with a display technology of next level

On the Internet, a rumor spread that the announcement of Xiaomi Mi7 was postponed until June. The motive is simple – in the current market scenario, you need a flagship that has all the attributes of a modern smartphone. In particular, engineers need time to adapt the face recognition system, and there is a desire to integrate a fingerprint reader into the display.

Xiaomi Mi7 with a display technology of next level

For those renderers that previously flashed in the network, the image of Xiaomi Mi7 emerged, as the owner of the maximum elongated display in the style of Samsung’s flagships. But today on the web merged the photos of the front panel, supposedly belonging to the future flagship when looking at who really want to believe that this is a fake.

When you look at the photo, possibilities are born instantly and clearly, where exactly we could see a similar front panel performance: a notch and minimal frames. The panel for the Xiaomi Mi7 is on the left, and next to it is the glass of the recently announced Vivo X21. Let this turn out to be a fake and the facade of the Xiaomi Mi7 will not mutilate so much, and the fans of the company will not have to find excuses why their favorite brand so dashingly copies the idea of ​​Apple. We want to believe that the company will go its own way and will not borrow ideas from the “Apple” giant.

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